Moose Jaw improves in 2016 MoneySense ranking

Moose Jaw improves in 2016 MoneySense ranking

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Moose Jaw has improved its ranking in MoneySense magazine’s annual list of Canada’s top cities.

© Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald Moose Jaw was ranked 58th out of 219 cities ranked by the financial magazine MoneySense.
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The Friendly City came in 58 out of 219 cities ranked by the financial magazine in listings released Thursday.

In the 2015 rankings, the city came in 70th.

This year Moose Jaw got points for its low unemployment and affordable housing.

MoneySense put forward the city’s estimated unemployment rate at 4.7 per cent.

Its home to income ratio, which measures the average home price to average household income ratio, was ranked 2.7 by the magazine.

Lower home to income ratios are better for MoneySense. For example, Vancouver, which has struggled with housing affordability, had a home to income ratio of 11.73.

Overall, Moose Jaw came in lower than Regina, who came in 33rd in the rankings, but higher than Saskatoon, who came in 68th.

This year is also an improvement for the city in the past four years.

In 2014, Moose Jaw ranked 66th, while in 2013, the city ranked 94th on MoneySense’s list.

MoneySense ranked Weyburn as the best city to live in the Prairies, which they defined as the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Weyburn had a ranking of 28.

MoneySense’s best place to live overall was Ottawa, while the lowest, at 219, was New Glasgow, N.S.


Percentage of vehicles 2013 model or newer – 13.9 per cent.

Percentage of luxury vehicles, 2013 model or newer – 0.46 per cent.
Percentage of owned homes – 62 per cent.

Numbers of doctors per 1,000 people = 2

Average household net worth = $300,965

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